Hello Baby Fair Season: How to make the most of your visit while avoiding overwhelm!

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

If you’re about to say ‘hello baby fair season’ and spend a day or two visiting various fairs and expos in Adelaide, read this article first so you’ll be well prepared to come away with some valuable insights and not be “sold” anything you don’t need.

The following suggestions and observations are based on my 25+ years as a midwife (and mother) and my time spent running stalls (and visiting stalls) at various baby and parenting fairs.

First question: Do you need to be saying ‘hello baby fair season’ at all?

The “baby sector” often focusses on all the stuff we need for baby but it’s good to remember that babies genuinely need very little.

When it all boils down to it, the basic things babies need are:

We know that just by being responsive to your baby’s needs, by being the person they are connected to, you’re doing the most important thing you can for your baby’s neurological development, their brain development.

Your baby will notice and focus upon you, and your responses to them, and everything else will be secondary to them.

You will be their world.

And the good news is that you don’t have to be an excellent parent, you only have to be a ‘good enough’ parent to be fabulous in the eyes of your little one. (And yes, there is lots of research to back this up!)

With that benchmark established, let’s think about some things to help prepare for a parenting fair.

You do you!

What prompts many parents-to-be say ‘hello baby fair season’, is all their questions, doubts and fears.

What do I get? What do I need? What do I want? I’ve never done this before, I haven’t met this baby yet, how do I know what we need?

OK… re-read the opening to this article, take a deep breathe, and then continue.

A good place to start your parenting journey might be to ask friends or family what they found useful.

Ask them for their favourite brands, gadgets, time-saving devices, hacks, life-savers, product features and even their preferred service providers. Ask them for the things they had but never used, as well!

Real world insights from people you know and trust are worth their weight in gold.

Local Facebook mum’s groups can be another place to poll different products you’re interested in but always keep in mind that it needs to work for you and your circumstances.

After all, you’ll be parenting at your best when you do you!

Of course, another fun place to gather information is at a parenting or baby fair, so let’s start planning for that.

Before the Fair

It can be overwhelming when you say, ‘hello baby fair season’, the first time around. So, here’s a tip. Volunteer to go with a friend who is already pregnant, that way you can support them without feeling like you are the focus of ‘sales’ people.

You’ll then be better positioned to gather info without time pressures, feeling super tired or uncomfortable, or becoming overwhelmed.

Adjusting to being pregnant or a new parent is a big transition, so another tactic is to enlist the company of a partner, family member or friend on the day, to make it fun and help maintain perspective!

You can also make every stall visit count, by doing some research before you go.

Go to the fair’s website or social media accounts to see what vendors might be most relevant to your needs. You might find some products or ideas that you hadn’t considered or didn't even know existed!

If you know you’re going to have limited time o