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Antenatal & Postnatal Care

Our care is focused on your needs every step of the way. That’s why we offer discrete single appointments at any stage as well as a complete schedule of visits guiding you through pregnancy to six weeks after birth. All appointments are held in the comfort of your own home and after hours appointments are available. Care during active labour and birth is provided by the midwives and doctors at your hospital of choice.

Book a no obligation appointment to discuss your care choices, including birthing in private vs public hospitals, the roles of obstetricians and midwives, and making sense of the health care system.

Book a single consultation with us to talk through a topic of your choice e.g. normal labour and birth, breastfeeding, caesarean section, or Optimal Maternal Positioning couple’s education.

Register for a complete schedule of visits and we’ll guide you through pregnancy care, postnatal care or pregnancy and postnatal care combined. 


The Australian National Guidelines recommend around 10 antenatal visits for a healthy first-time mum and around seven visits for healthy subsequent pregnancies. 


  • Monitoring your health and baby’s growth and heartbeat

  • Access to all recommended blood tests and scans

  • Navigating what to expect throughout pregnancy and birth (e.g. when to go in to hospital, where to go, options during labour and birth including pain relief)

  • Help with breastfeeding and infant feeding information

  • What to expect from life with a newborn

  • Referrals to other health professionals

  • Bodywork, incorporating Optimal Maternal Positioning to increase your comfort in pregnancy and help with labour

  • Hypnobirthing Australia Supportive Caregiver


  • A familiar face to support you in the early days and weeks at home

  • Time for all of your questions – what’s normal, what needs checking

  • Making sure your physical recovery and return to pre-pregnancy status is on track

  • Following your baby’s growth and wellbeing, including weight, skin care, cord care, bath demonstrations, settling techniques, safe sleeping checks

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Birth debriefing

  • Information on accessing other support


Optimal Maternal Positioning Bodywork

Optimal Maternal Positioning Bodywork is a series of bodywork techniques – stretches, massage and releases – designed to increase comfort, balance the body, lengthen the torso and allow more room for baby.

We can incorporate bodywork into your antenatal appointments to make you more comfortable during pregnancy and help you prepare for labour and birth.


We can work with you and your partner – we’ll teach them bodywork techniques so they can work with you outside of appointments. You’ll benefit more from the extra bodywork and their support during labour, and your partner will gain confidence in their contribution. Ask your private health insurer about couple’s education rebates.


All appointments are held in the comfort of your own home.


Medicare rebates are available for education or bodywork provided during antenatal appointments.


  • Increases comfort in pregnancy and strength in labour

  • Can begin as early as 20 weeks gestation and evolve over time

  • Fantastic way for partners to contribute through pregnancy

  • A great confidence boosting tool for handling labour and birth.

VISIT HERE to learn more about Optimal Maternal Positioning 


Hypnobirthing Australia Supportive Caregiver

Ask for information about your local Hypnobirthing Australia certified practitioners.

Hypnobirthing Australia's philosophy and the tools they provide, beautifully compliments Hello Baby! Midwifery's approach to enable a calm and empowered birth. We will work with you and your partner, to reinforce the techniques you have learnt, for a positive birth experience.


The 3-step Rewind

The 3-Step Rewind is a series of three appointments designed for women (and partners) who have been through a difficult experience during pregnancy, birth or as new parents.

The rewind technique works with your brain’s physiology to naturally re-file difficult memories in a way that minimises the symptoms that may disrupt your enjoyment of life. You don’t need to share details about your experience for this technique to be successful.


It is usually offered over three appointments (3 steps) in consecutive weeks. All appointments are held in the comfort of your own home.


Medicare rebates are available for women who are pregnant or <7 weeks postnatal. Your private health insurer may provide rebates if you’re outside of this time frame – get in touch with them to find out more.


WEEK 1  

We talk about what you’d like to achieve – how you’d like to think or feel after your sessions – and relax with a guided meditation. You can share your experiences with us, but it’s not necessary for the program to be effective.

WEEK 2     

We meet to ‘rewind’ the difficult experience

WEEK 3   

We assess how effective the ‘rewind’ has been and finish our session with an uplifting meditation.