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There are some great resources out there to help you with your pregnancy journey and beyond. Plus I've created a few of my own. Check out the links below for what might be relevant to you! 


Help yourself to some of my own resources, designed to make your months of pregnancy just that bit easier :) 

Pregnant couple holding an ultrasound image
Baby booties and bonnett
Pregnant Mum checking off list with baby items stacked on table

Birth Time:
the documentary

I've partnered with Birth Time so you can watch their multi-award winning film, Birth Time: the documentary at 20% off.  Just click on the link below and use the Coupon Code: CICADA20 at checkout.

ABA logo

Australian Breastfeeding Association

The ABA can support you through their: online information; 24 hour phone service; online chat facility; and lovely magazine publication. Community support is available at local mum’s groups.

Beyond Blue Logo

Beyond Blue

A place for men and women to check-in for information regarding their emotional and mental health and wellbeing. It includes topics like ‘what to expect during pregnancy’ and ‘adjusting to parenthood’ for both new parents.

CYH logo

Child and Youth Health

Reliable local information for everything pregnancy related through to newborn, toddler to teenage!

eat for health logo

Eat for Health

Helpful guidelines on expected healthy weight gain during pregnancy; what to eat and what to avoid eating during pregnancy and while breastfeeding; and practical steps to ensure a healthy diet.

MumSpace Logo

Mum Space

Online Treatment for Antenatal Depression, Postnatal Depression and Anxiety.

Dad Space

DadSpace supports the mental and emotional well being of dads who are expecting or just welcomed a baby into their life.

Raising Children logo

Raising Children Network

Unbiased, non-commercial information funded by the Australian government and reviewed by experts. Lots of resources that are tailored to different ages and stages, from pregnancy and newborn information through to parenting teenagers and self-care hints. Great clips on baby cues, settling and breastfeeding.

Gidget Foundation Logo

Gidget Foundation Australia

Helpful Resources for Expectant and New Parents.

Gidget Foundation Australia exists to support the emotional wellbeing of expectant and new parents to ensure they receive timely, appropriate and specialist care.

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