7 Annoying Skin Changes in Pregnancy (& how to deal with them)

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Guest blog post by scientist Charlotte Jordans, Creator and Founder of My Lilli Pilli Pregnancy and Postnatal Organic Skincare Range. Charlie uses Australian native botanicals.

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It’s an exciting time when you are expecting a baby, but often it can be rather daunting to experience the various skin changes associated with pregnancy. The most common skin changes in pregnancy include stretch marks, change in skin colour, increased skin sensitivity, itchy skin and acne. These are usually caused by hormonal factors and changes to the circulation and immune system.

But don´t worry - the majority of these “less desirable” changes will normally clear up or slowly improve after the baby has arrived – just give it time and/or implement some of the My Lilli Pilli skincare products that can help your body to safely alleviate some of these skin issues.


STRETCH MARKS are one of the most feared skin changes in pregnancy. These marks are very common during pregnancy as they are caused by the stretching of skin in order to accommodate your little growing baby. Initially, the dermal lesions (marks) are pink to violet and sometimes slightly raised. They mostly appear on the belly, breasts, upper arms, lower back, buttocks, thighs and groin – and they can be sooo itchy! Apparently, stretch marks are more common in younger women, women with larger babies, women who are over-weight and twin pregnancies, but all in all it really depends on your genetics. After the delivery of your baby it might take months or even years for the stretch marks to mature into white, shiny and crinkly streaks that are permanent.

organic skin care for pregnant bellies in eco-friendly recyclable packaging

There are currently oceans of skincare products specifically for the growing belly – but we highly recommend the safe SOOTHING Belly Oil

in combination with CALMING Belly Milk that will help calm and hydrate the stretching skin. They are both great for itchy skin! We also have a GENTLE Belly Cleanser that will help keep the stretching supple and hydrated.

Darkening of the skin – HYPERPIGMENTATION & MALASMA

Are you experiencing darkening of your skin? These pigmentation changes are highly likely due to your pregnancy hormones. Some areas of your skin such as the nipples can turn darker, which is often one of the first signs that you are pregnant. The various pigmentation changes are most commonly found in women with darker skin.

Here are some examples: