Imagine if there was a birth prep book for Australian women.

Here it is! 

The NEW sixth edition of this best-selling resource for parent education programs Preparing for Birth: Mothers offers a simple, concise guide to pregnancy, birth and parenting a new baby.

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Preparing for Birth Mothers looks at:

  • keeping healthy in pregnancy
  • preparing for birth and parenting
  • how to keep your baby safe
  • the different stages of labour and birth
  • exploring the unexpected
  • newborn care
  • feeding your baby
  • facing the challenges in the first few weeks following birth

With 166 full-colour images, concise text, all aspects of pregnancy, labour, birth, positions, self-help techniques, early breastfeeding and postnatal recovery are covered, including a detailed guide to obstetric medications and interventions.

This edition includes revised information on nutrition, medical care in pregnancy, waterbirth, emergency birth, postnatal care of the newborn and contraception. 


This is one best-selling book on birth in A