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The Milkco Complete Colostrum Kit has been explicitly created to include everything required for colostrum collection and storage. It includes enteral feeding syringes and caps developed for neonates, waterproof syringe labels, freezer storage bags, a measured container with lid and a warming cup with suction base. These are encased in the tailor-made Milkco cooler bag.

This kit includes
6 x 1ml sterile oral tip syringe with ENFit compatible connector
4 x 2.5ml sterile oral tip syringe with ENFit compatible connector
6 x 5ml ENFit enteral sterile syringes
16 sterile syringe caps
A sterile measured collection container with lid
Waterproof syringe labels
Three freezer storage bags
A silicone cup for holding or warming up syringes
Milkco Cooler Bag

Milkco Complete Collection Kit

  • Generally you may commence expressing at 36 weeks gestation, but before expressing and storing colostrum antenatally it is important to discuss this with your health care provider/s to ensure it is a good option for you and your pregnancy. 

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