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  • SET OF 24 BABY MILESTONE STICKERS by Vanrowe - covering the first year of baby's life with a sticker for each month as well as all of their special first milestones.
  • EASY TO USE alternative to traditional baby milestone cards. Just PEEL, STICK, and SNAP. Plus! Re-stick the sticker into your baby book as a keepsake. Our adhesive is so good, you can re-stick it multiple times!
  • HIGH QUALITY material with laminated matt finish to prevent glare and provide durability. If you are not 100% SATISFIED with your purchase, just let us know.


BABY MILESTONE STICKERS - perfectly packaged box set of 24 stickers


The stickers help you to create, effortless photos of your baby each month.
We love to see all the creative ways that people use the stickers in their photos - we've seen them on Dad's chest, the floor, the wall, on a sibling, a balloon - you name it, and there are so many more ways to create unique photos to cherish.

If you are looking for an Australian gift for a new baby or baby shower, we think our pretty box set of 24 stickers will delight any mumma to be!

What's included?
The set of 24 includes all of these milestones:

  •  Just Arrived
  •  1 Week - 3 Weeks (3 stickers)
  •  1 Month - 11 Months (11 stickers)
  •  My First Birthday
  •  I can Roll Over
  •  I can Sit Up
  •  I can Crawl
  •  I can Walk
  •  My first Tooth
  •  My first Solid Food
  •  My first Christmas
  •  I slept through the night

How to use them
We really think that stickers make life so much easier for Mum compared to cards or blocks.
The stickers are 10cm in diameter, round in shape and are made with a matt, anti-glare material.
Step 1: Peel the sticker off the backing paper
Step 2: Stick the sticker onto any surface
Step 3: Take your photos
Optional step 4: Re-stick the sticker into your baby's book as a keepsake!

Baby Milestone Stickers

  • Vanrowe is an AUSTRALIAN owned small business run by Felicity and Karen. We appreciate your support and love to see all our Aussie Vanrowe babies sporting our special stickers. We've designed them with Australians in mind, using gorgeous watercolour artwork featuring eucalyptus leaves and flowers. We've kept them to a neutral white and green palette, which is understated and stylish and suitable for surprise babies as well as boys and girls! Each sticker's design is unique with different pictures, creating variety but with a consistent theme and colour scheme

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